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  • How It Works

Working procedure of Eddiebids in four easy steps


Quick Registration and Bonus credits

Register in less than 60 secs and get free bonus bids to start with! You need credits to place bids.


Every bid uses a certain number of credits...

(F) = Free,  (2 x) = 2 Credit/bid,  (4 x) = 4 Credits/bid, etc.


You can buy credits by clicking the buy credits on the membership page.


Watch the Timer

The timer resets each time someone places a bid. Think of it as "Going Once… Going Twice… SOLD".

































































Be the last to bid

When the timer hits zero and no one else bids, you are the WINNER!





Place bids to receive points

Place bids to receive points and claim prize


Place bids on any auction and receive points for your bidding

For every bid you place you will receive additional 1 point for example check table below

   1 bid

       3 points


  2 bids

      7 points


  3 bids

      11 points


  4 bids

      15 points


  5 bids

      20 points



Reach the 50 bids milestone and claim mystery prize