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About Eddiebids Pennyauction - This is how it works

Penny auctions work as a traditional auction. The only difference is that you can only raise 1 penny at a time.

Every auction has a countdown timer. When the bid is raised the timer is reset to a predetermined bid time. If no one raises the bid before the time is out the auction closes and the last bidder wins.


The auctions are open 24hr every day.


The AutoPilot will automatically place bids on your behalf, when you are away from your Computer. This will enable you to automatically place bids until you win the auction, as long as AutoPilot is activated.

In order to activate the AutoPilot click on the "lock" icon on the left, next to the bid button.

The AutoPilot will be deactivated if one of the following occurs:

  • You win the Auction.
  • You run out of bid credits.

You can turn off the AutoPilot manually by clicking the "lock" icon on the left, next to the bid button. Your Autopilots will not be turned off when you log out.

You are only able to activate or deactivate the Autopilot, if more than 10 seconds remain of the bid time.

The AutoPilot will only place bids in the last 5 seconds of the auction. If more than one bidder has activated the AutoPilot, it will chose a single bidder randomly to raise the bid